LoadForce brake calipers

Introducing the new LoadForce T2 hydraulic brake caliper, modelled on the early PBR Holden Commodore and taken to another level for the trailer brake industry. 

  • Aluminium body for quick heat dispersion - lowering brake and hub bearing temperatures
  • Billet stainless steel piston - no corrosion or swell
  • Stainless steel slide pins
  • Threaded caliper bracket for bolts
  • Twin brass bleed screws for left and right applications

Also available in the LoadForce brake caliper range, improved designs for the TA200 TA300 and TA400 hydraulic brake calipers including the following features:

  • LoadForce TA200 - new square section piston seal instead of the o-ring type
  • LoadForce TA300 - new billet stainless piston - no swelling or corrosion of the phenolic plastic pistons. 
  • LoadForce TA400 - new billet stainless piston and stronger designed brass slide pins. Both features improve quality and longevity of the product. 

LoadForce Brake Calipers

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