LoadForce T2 Hydraulic Trailer Brake Caliper Replaces PBR Type 2

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Product Information

The LoadForce T2 trailer brake caliper is modelled on the early PBR Holden Commodore front brake caliper. The original PBR brake caliper was in production on Holden Commodore for over 20 years; a testament to the Australian design and quality of the product.

LoadForce has taken this design to another level with the T2 version for the trailer industry.  Designed for both the on-road trailer and marine trailer markets, the T2  is one of the best trailer brake calipers on the Australian market.

The aluminium caliper body allows quick heat dispersion which decreases the chance of brake fade at high temperatures and aids in lower hub and bearing temperatures when towing.

A high grade billet stainless steel piston is used that won't corrode or swell in size unlike standard chrome cast iron or phenolic plastic pistons used in most other trailer brands. A short video on stainless steel caliper pistons is available here. (opens Youtube in a new window). 

Other upgrades include stainless steel slide pins, threaded caliper bracket for bolts instead having to use nut and bolt. Brass brake line union and dual brass bleeder screws for left hand and right hand applications.

The heavy duty asbestos free friction material used in the LoadForce brake pad product is capable of handling high temperatures for long time periods and minimises the chances of brake fade.  Large trailers carrying heavy loads can generate very high brake temperatures. 

1 x LFT2BOLTKIT required for installing the T2 brake caliper. 

Before connecting your new brake caliper to hydraulic brake lines you must flush out the old brake fluid from the actuator (master cylinder or electric/hydraulic pump) and brake lines.

Once flushed, re-connect brake lines, refresh the system with new brake fluid and bleed air from the brake system.

Compatible with Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluid, however we do recommend using Dot 4 Brake fluid as it has higher moisture resistance. Failure to flush the system could void warranty.

This brake caliper comes with disc pads, for spare T2 disc pads order DPPBR2

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