LoadForce TA300 hydraulic disc brake caliper with stainless piston - replaces Trojan AU

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Product Information

LoadForce TA300 hydraulic galvanised cast iron brake caliper with stainless steel piston. An improved design that directly replaces the Trojan AU caliper which are fitted with phenolic plastic pistons. Phenolic pistons are renowned for swelling and eventually seize in the caliper. The Loadforce TA300 trailer brake caliper eliminates this fault by using a billet stainless steel piston. A short video on stainless steel caliper pistons is available here. (opens Youtube in a new window). 

The TA300 trailer brake caliper fits 1/2 inch up to 5/8 inch rotor thickness and is also designed to be a replacement for the Trigg A200 caliper.

1 x TA300BOLTKIT required for mounting. A HU4 union and CW1 copper washer are also required for installation of the brake line to the caliper.

Before connecting your new brake caliper to hydraulic brake lines you must flush out the old brake fluid from the actuator (master cylinder or electric/hydraulic pump) and brake lines before connecting this new brake caliper.

Once flushed, then connect brake lines, refresh the system with new brake fluid and bleed air from the brake system.

Compatible with Dot 3 and Dot 4 brake fluid, however we do recommend using Dot 4 Brake fluid as it has higher moisture resistance. Failure to flush the system could void warranty.

The brake pads used in this caliper a premium product specifically designed for trailer applications. Large trailers carrying heavy loads can generate very high brake temperatures. The heavy duty asbestos free friction material formulation used in the LoadForce product are capable of handling high temperatures for long time periods and minimizes the chances of brake fade.  

This trailer brake caliper comes with brake pads, for spare disc pads order DPTA300. 

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