LoadForce Disc Brake Hub 10 x 5/8 inch Ford 5 stud slimline (Ford) bearing dacromet

Part #: DH58FDG-10
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Product Information

LoadForce dacromet trailer disc brake hub 10-inch x 5/8 inch Ford 5 stud with slimline (Ford) bearing. Supplied with quality Japanese bearings and Australian made hub marine seal.

Ford 5 stud measurements:

  • Stud diameter: 1/2 inch.
  • PCD (Pitch circle diameter): 114.3mm (4.5inches).
  • Stud distance: 67mm.
  • Bearing: Slimline / Ford: Inner LM68149/10 ; Outer LM12749/10.

All disc brake hubs come boxed complete with studs, nuts, bearings, marine seal and dust cap.

Ford pattern with LM (Holden) bearings can be found here. 

More information on our full range of disc hub measurements and identification.

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