Hydrastar HBA10 1000psi brake actuator - electric over hydraulic

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Product Information

Hydrastar HBA10 1000psi electric over hydraulic brake actuator for trailers up to 2.8 tonne with drum or disc brake applications.

Hydrastar eliminates the brake drag common with surge actuators on downhill grades and also works easily in reverse. It is easy to operate; the trailer brakes engage when the tow vehicle brake pedal is applied or overridden by an in-cab controller.

Hydrastar units are available in:

Hydrastar comes with a 2 year warranty for peace of mind. We also stock a range of Hydrastar spare parts for servicing requirements.

To complete the package

A battery and breakaway kit is required to complete the Hydrastar package. Sold separately to the HydraStar. The breakaway switch is fitted to both the trailer and the tow vehicle ensuring that should the trailer become separated from the tow vehicle, the breakaway switch is activated and the trailer brakes are applied. We have 2 options available:

Towing requirements in Australia

In Australia, if you are towing a trailer weighing more than 2 tonnes, you are required to have a braking system fitted to the trailer including a breakaway system to ensure your trailer can stop if it separates from the tow vehicle. You must also be able to override the brakes from the driver's seat, by using an in-cab controller.

One of the advantages of the Hydrastar over other systems is its ability to be used with a wide range of brake controllers.

Check the compatibility of the in-cab controller.


  • We recommend the use of Dot 4 brake fluid in the Hydrastar units.
  • Regular maintenance should be carried out to increase the longevity of the unit.
  • Bleeding of the full hydraulic brake system should be carried out regularly from the Hydrastar unit right through to the calipers to ensure the full system is clear of any grit that can damage the mechanisms of the unit.
  • Refer to our troubleshooting guide on this website for common mistakes on installation or if you are having problems with your Hydrastar for diagnosis.

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