Brake controllers warranty compatible with HydraStar brake actuator

Brake controllers warranty compatible with HydraStar brake actuator

Hydrastar compatible brake controllers sold at Trailer Spares Direct

HydraStar brake actuators are compatible with the widest range of electric brake controllers. 

The HydraStar unit requires a brake controller that has inertia or proportional braking, other brake controllers that do not have this feature may burn out the circuit board in the HydraStar.

Proportional brake controllers we sell in store and online that are compatible are:

Other compatible controllers

We have supplied the HydraStar unit and spare parts in Australia for over 12 years and have undertaken independent testing on some other brake controllers commonly found in Australia. During these tests we have found the Hayman Reese CompactIQ brake controller (Part no. H06000) to be compatible with the HydraStar unit and units sold from us we will honor the warranty period when used with this controller.

We are commonly asked about the Draw bar controller (part no. DBC), this is not compatible as it is a solid state brake controller and has the potential to burn out the HydraStar circuit board.

Compatible list

To find a compatible brake controller that will not void your warranty with the HydraStar, please refer to the list on the American manufacturers' site for controllers tested by the manufacturer.

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