Adjustable jockey wheel clamp and swivel bracket for 48mm OD shafts

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Product Information

Adjustable clamp and swivel jockey wheel bracket for Al-Ko, Manutec, ARK and other makes with 48mm OD jockey wheel shafts.

This unique swivel and clamp bracket is designed to fit 48mm outer tubes. The clamp allows you to adjust the height position and the pull out locking handle also enables you to swivel the jockey-wheel for travel. 

Can be U-bolted, bolted or welded to trailer chassis. Bracket is designed for 50mm, 75mm and 100mm u-bolts. U-bolts sold separately. 

Ref: 629923

50mm galvanised chasis u-bolts

75mm galvanised chasis u-bolts

100mm x 75mm galvained chasis u-bolts

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