LoadForce stainless steel caliper piston for TA400, TA300, Al-Ko, Meher and Trojan hydraulic caliper

Product Description
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Replacement stainless steel caliper piston for LoadForce TA300 and TA400 hydraulic caliper.

These pistons will also replace the Al-Ko, Meher HBCFG, Trojan AU and Trojan MK7 phenolic plastic pistons. Sometimes mistakenly referred to as a brown coloured bakelite.

The original plastic pistons are well know for swelling in size and seizing in the caliper. This is due to the reaction between the mineral brake fluid and phenolic plastic. The problem is eliminated when you use the LoadForce stainless piston.

Piston diameter: 54mm

Piston length: 48mm

Also available seal kit for TA300, TA400, Al-ko and Trojan caliper models.

Part no. : CPTA300-SS