Single axle HydraLine kit with 4500mm lead line

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Product Information

HydraLine is available in kit form for different length trailers, campers, caravans. The 4500mm single axle Hydraline kit is suited for caravans and boat trailers up to 7 metres (23 ft) with hydraulic brakes.

HydraLine is a flexible stainless steel braided brake hose designed to outlast conventional steel brake tubing and takes about 1/5th of the time to fit. There are also less joins than conventional brake tubing therefore adding to the strength and durability. Made from braided stainless steel with a hardened Teflon inner tube and stainless end fittings that are already flared to seat in an inverted flare of a hydraulic union attached to the brake caliper, tee piece or to a hydraulic actuator. The Teflon inner tube limits the chance of swelling under hydraulic pressure compared to rubber brake hose. Hydraline meets Australian and international standards SAE1401J and USA DOT standards. Comes with a 1 year limited warranty.
HydraLine comes with straight ends for lead lines, for the length of the trailer to the axle; and also 90 degree right angle fittings to fit into calipers in the shorter lengths.
Fitting up the flexible brake line on your camper, caravan or trailer can be done in two ways: by sliding the flexible line up the box section of the trailer and pulling through holes where required, making a neater finish to the trailer; or by utilising P-clips to fasten the Hydraline to the "i" beam, box or C section of the trailer chassis.

Kit contents:
Qty 1 - HL4500S - HydraLine 4500mm lead line with straight ends.
Qty 1 - HL1800R - HydraLine 1800mm brake line with a 90 degree end
Qty 1 - HL500R - HydraLine 500mm brake line with a 90 degree end
Qty 1 - HU3 - 3 way brass tee for 3/16th tube

Genuine HydraLine contains the brand name on the braided brake line.
Meets Australian Standards and International standards.
Regular maintenance including "bleeding" of hydraulic brake lines is required to ensure the life of your brake calipers, actuator and brake lines.
All calipers should be supplied with their own brake line union. If you do not have this union please purchase:
HU4 - for Trojan, Alko, Meher, Trigg and Ark calipers
HU5-M10 - for PBR type 1 and 2 calipers
CW1 - Copper washer is required for use with both HU4 and HU5-M10

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