LoadForce disc brake pad set for T35-PB and UFP DB35-PB park brake models

Part #: DPUFP35-PB
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Product Information

LoadForce™ disc brake pads set of 4 to suit T35-PB and UFP DB35-PB (Park Brake) model calipers. 

The LoadForce trailer brake pad and trailer brake shoe range is a premium product specifically designed for trailer applications. Large trailers carrying heavy loads can generate very high brake temperatures. The heavy duty asbestos free friction material formulation used in the LoadForce product is capable of handling high temperatures for long time periods and minimizes the chances of brake fade.  

The T35-PB and DB35-PB park brake models have a pull lever on the back of the caliper for a cable to be attached. The brake pads in the park brake model are different to the brake pads used in the standard T35 and DB35 models as they have a locating divet on the back of one of the brake pads that locates into the windout piston slot. 

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