LoadForce disc brake pad set for T35 and UFP DB35 caliper models

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Product Information

LoadForce™ disc brake pad set of 4 to suit LoadForce T35, T35-SS and UFP DB35 hydraulic brake caliper models excluding the DB35-PB park brake model.

The LoadForce trailer brake pad and trailer brake shoe range is a premium product specifically designed for trailer applications. Large trailers carrying heavy loads can generate very high brake temperatures. The heavy-duty asbestos-free friction material formulation used in the LoadForce product is capable of handling high temperatures for long time periods and minimizes the chances of brake fade.  

** The DB35-PB park brake caliper is also hydraulic but has a mechanical pull lever on the back of the caliper for a park brake cable to attach. The brake pads for the UFP DB35-PB calipers are also available. Use part number DPUFP35-PB.

Ref: 31766U

UFP DB35 Complete caliper also available

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