Assembled 8 inch integral alloy rim with tyre

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Assembled 8 inch integral alloy rim and tyre with tube. This integral rim is suitable for either LM (Holden) or SL (Ford) bearing sets. The rim is fitted with tyre 4.8 x 4.00 x 8 4-6ply 335kg rated.

Even though the tyre is tubeless we always fit all our small alloy rims with a tube as they are well know to leak once the rim gets salt water between the tyre bead. This might add a small increase to the price but it will help you avoid trouble in the long run.

Bearings, hub seal and grease cap sold individually.

For Holden bearings and hub seal use: LM67048/10LM11949/10 & BS32 or marine seal option MS32

For Ford bearings and hub seal use: L68149/10LM12749/10 & BS35 or marine seal option MS35

Ref: Cheras, Velox

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