LoadForce Disc Hub 12 inch 3/4 Ventilated Dacromet 6 Stud US2.3 Japan Bearing

Part #: DH34LCUS2.3
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Product Information

LoadForce ventilated trailer disc brake hub 12 inch x 3/4 inch 6 stud USA 2.3t bearing. Supplied with quality Japanese bearings and Australian made hub seal. The hub is dacromet coated which is ideal for marine applications.

6 stud measurements: Stud diameter: 1/2 inch. PCD (Pitch circle diameter): 139.7mm (5.5inches). Stud distance: 70mm. Bearing: US 2.3t: Inner L67048/10 ; Outer 25580/20

Diameter 300mm
Hat height 67mm
Spigot diameter 85mm

All disc hub assemblies come boxed complete with bearings, seal, dust cap, stud and nuts. 

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