Trailer safety chain 10mm galvanised rated 2500kg - 1000mm

Part #: TC10-1000
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Product Information

10mm galvanised trailer safety chain rated to 2500kg pre-cut to 1000mm

The chain is stamped with "4177-25" and complies with ADR. 

Trailers under 2500 kg ATM must be fitted with at least one chain - trailers over 2500 kg ATM must be fitted with two chains.

 Aggregate trailer mass  Chain size (diameter)
Marking on chain Rating
0 to 1000 kg 6.3 mm 4177-10 1000 kg
Up to 1600 kg 8 mm 4177-16 1600 kg
Up to 2500 kg 10 mm 4177-25 2500 kg
Up to 3500 kg 13 mm 4177-35 3500 kg


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