Selecting the right axle type and length

Selecting the right axle type and length

When selecting the right axle for your trailer you need to consider the following:

Trailer rating ATM:

The load rating of the axle must support the maximum ATM rating. For multiple axle trailers divide the ATM by the number of axles to determine the minimum load capacity of each axle. 

Our axles have the following ratings:

Maximum trailer width:

In Australia the maximum trailer width is 2.5 metres.

Tip-to-tip measurement:

Measure the overall length of the axle including the end of the spindle. To do this wheels and any hubs must be removed. This is called a tip-to-tip measurement.

Face-to-face measurement:

If you are unable to supply us with a tip-to-tip and it is an existing trailer then we will need a face-to-face measurement. We can then work out a tip-to-tip from this. 

Measure from the face of the hub where the wheel bolts on, to the face on the other end of the axle where the wheel bolts on. 

Then contact us on 07 3205 8846 with information on hub type, bearing type and the face to face measurement. 

Building a new trailer?

You are building a new trailer and have built the chassis, to get a face to face measurement follow the following steps. Please be aware you need to have your wheel and rim for measurements.

A: Your chassis width:

Measuring chassis for axle length

B: The clearance between the chassis and the wheel

Clearance Axle measurement length

C: The backspace of the rim. Put the wheel complete with tyre on a flat surface with the inside of the rim facing the flat surface and measure the distance from the surface to the inside of the rim. 

Rim backspace - axle measurement

Record the results and calculate

A= Chassis width = ______

B= Clearance =       ______

C= Backspace =      ______

(depending on the brakes you are using, your backspace may vary)

Face-to-face measurement = A + (B x 2) + (C x 2)

We stock the following axles:

Still unsure of which axle suits your trailer? Please call our friendly sales team on 07 3205 8846, email us or visit our store at 4 Leanne Crescent Lawnton, northside of Brisbane.

Please be advised we sell parts and do not engineer trailers. Full ADR trailer and caravan guidelines are available on the government sites.