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T1558013 155/80R13 light trailer tyre 435kg rating per tyre
T155138 155R13 8ply light truck tyre 515kg rating per tyre
T165138 165R13 8ply Light Truck tyre 670kg rating per tyre
T185148 185R14 8ply Light Truck tyre 850kg rating per tyre
T195148 195R14 8ply light truck tyre 950kg rating per tyre
T20565R15C 205/65R15 light truck tyre 850kg rating per tyre
T20565R16C 205/65R16 light truck tyre 975kg rating per tyre
T22570R15C 225/70R15 light truck tyre 1120kg rating per tyre
T21560R16C 215/60R16 light truck tyre 1000kg rating per tyre
T23575R15 235/75R15 All Terrain tyre 920kg rating per tyre
T26575R16 265/75R16 All Terrain tyre 1250kg rating per tyre
T31X10.5R15MT 31 inch x 10.5 inch R15 off-road mud tyre
T24575R16MT 245/75R16 off-road mud tyre
T26575R16MT 265/75R16 off-road mud tyre
T4804008 8 inch 6 ply 4.8/4.00 x 8 tyre for small alloy rim 335kg per tyre
TUBE8 Tube for 8 inch 4.80/4.00 x 8 tyre
T600X9 9 inch 6 ply 6.00 x 9 tyre for small alloy rim 510kg rating per tyre
TUBE9 Tube for 9 inch 6.00 x 9 tyre
T500106 10 inch 6 ply 5.00 x 10 tyre for small alloy rim 440kg rating per tyre
TUBE10 Tube for 5.00 x 10 tyre

 Tyre Fitting available on site when you purchase tyre and rim from us.

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