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Couplings from 2t to 6t rating

A150-2 50mm Tow Coupling 2 Bolt Hole 2T
A150-2G 50mm Tow Coupling 2 Bolt Hole 2T Galvanised
A150-3 50mm Tow Coupling 3 Bolt Hole 2T
A800 50mm Override Tow Coupling 2T
A800L 50mm Override Tow Coupling Light Spring
A900 50mm Coupling with 4 Bolt Hole with Hand Brake Lever 3.5T
A900NL 50mm Coupling with 4 Bolt Hole no Hand Brake Lever 3.5T
TBC70 70mm Trailer Coupling 4.5T
A760  75mm Ring Coupling 3T Off Road
A790 75mm Override Ring Coupling Braked 2T
A791 75mm Override Ring Coupling Unbraked 2.25T
A795 75mm Ring Coupling with 4 Bolt Hole 6T
PB700-COM Trigg Off Road Polyblock Override Swivel Coupling 2T 
PB750-COM Trigg Off Road Polyblock Swivel Coupling Unbraked 3T
619050 Alko Off Road Coupling Override 2T
619000 Alko Off Road Coupling suit Electric 3.5T


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70mm coupling rated 6 tonneTBC70

50mm electric couplingA900NL

50mm quick release coupling 2 bolt holeA150-2

50mm override coupling 4 bolt holeA800  Off road polyblock couplingPB750-Com 75mm ring couplingA795

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