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Brake calipers

We stock the widest range of brake calipers including our own PBR fully marinised caliper, Trojan and Alko calipers. In addition we have a wide range of American calipers commonly found on imported US trailers such as Kodiak, UFP and Tie down brands.

PBR fully marinised brake calipers

Our Australian made PBR calipers have:

  • Australian made callipersLightweight alloy body (does not store heat like cast iron & stainless steel body calipers)
  • Stainless steel piston and bolts
  • Galvanised slide bracket
  • Brass tube nut union
  • Common disc pads; replacements also available at auto stores
  • Protective boots covering slide bolts and piston

TA300 Trojan AU Hydraulic Caliper
TA300-SS Trojan AU Stainless Steel Hydraulic Caliper
AL400 Alko hydraulic caliper
A100 A100 Mechanical Caliper
A200 Trigg Hydraulic Caliper (ARK)
PBR1-M PBR Type 1 Marinised Brake Caliper
PBR2HP-M PBR Type 2 High Performance Marinised Caliper
PBR2-M PBR Type 2 Marinised Brake Caliper
DBC-225-DAC Kodiak Caliper 225 Dacromet Coated
DBC-225-SS Kodiak Caliper 225 Stainless steel
DB35-A UFP DB35 Brake caliper aluminium
DB35-SS UFP DB35 Brake caliper stainless steel
46304 Tie down 46304 brake caliper

** HU4 Union & CW1 Copper Washer are required for installation of AL400, TA300 & A200 Calipers

 AL400 Trojan AU brake caliperTA300 Kodiak 225 caliperDBC-225-DACUFP DB35 Brake caliperDB35-ATie down 46304 brake caliper46304

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 PBR type 1 marinised caliper

 PBR Type 2 marinised caliper

PBR Type 2 HP marinised caliper

Mechanical caliper

Trigg hydraulic caliper

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