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381-7065 Hydrastar HBA10 1000psi 
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381-7067 Hydrastar HBA16 1600psi G7


HydraStar is an Electric over Hydraulic trailer brake actuator manufactured in the USA. This unit is the ultimate in control and safety with the quickest response time and the lowest current draw of any actuator on the market. The HydraStar eliminates the brake drag common with surge actuators on down hill grades and also works easily in reverse. It is easy to operate, the trailer brakes engage when the tow vehicle brake pedal is applied or overridden by an in-cab controller.

It is also the only actuator that is directly compatible with the more advanced in-cab brake controllers, such as the Tekonsha Prodigy P2 and P3.

HydraStar units are available in 1000 psi for trailers up to 3 tonne with drum or disc brakes, 1200 psi for trailers up to 3.5 Tonne with disc brakes and 1600 psi unit for those larger trailers greater than 3.5 Tonne with disc brakes. Hydrastar offers a 2 year warranty on the units.

A battery and breakaway kit are required to complete the HydraStar package. The breakaway switch is fitted to both the trailer and the tow vehicle ensuring that should the trailer become separated from the tow vehicle, the breakaway switch is activated and the trailer brakes are applied.

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