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Stub Axles

For more detailed listing and information on stub axles, refer to page 32 of Edition 3 of our Trailer Spares Direct catalogue. Part 1 covering these pages can be downloaded here.

Stubs 39mm round LM (Holden) Bearing

SAX3910 Stub Axle 10" (254mm)
SAX3912 Stub Axle 12" (304mm)

 Stubs 40mm square LM (Holden) Bearing

SAX4010 Stub Axle 10" (254mm)
SAX4012 Stub Axle 12" (304mm)

 Stubs 45mm square

SAX4510 Stub Axle 10" (254mm)Slimline Bearing
SAX4510P Stub Axle 10" (254mm) Parallel Bearing
SAX4512 Stub Axle 12" (304mm) Slimline Bearing
SAX4512P Stub Axle 12" (304mm) Parallel Bearing 

 Stubs 50mm square

SAX5012P Stub Axle 12" (304mm) Parallel Bearing
SAX5025P Stub axle 25 inch (635mm) Parallel bearing
SAX5014TX Stub axle 14inch (355mm) TX bearing marine collar
SAX5025TX Stub axle 25inch (635mm) TX bearing marine collar


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