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Axles 45mm Square Slimline Bearing 

For more detailed listing and information on how to measure your axle, refer to page 30 of Edition 3 of our Trailer Spares Direct catalogue. Part 1 covering these pages can be downloaded here.

 AXS4564  Axle 64" (1625mm)
 AXS4564G  Axle 64" (1625mm) Galvanised
 AXS4565  Axle 65" (1650mm)
 AXS4565G  Axle 65" (1650mm) Galvanised
 AXS4566  Axle 66" (1675mm)
 AXS4567  Axle 67" (1700mm)
 AXS4569  Axle 69" (1755mm)
 AXS4571  Axle 71" (1805mm)
 AXS4572  Axle 72" (1830mm)
 AXS4573  Axle 73" (1854mm)
 AXS4574  Axle 74" (1880mm)
 AXS4574G  Axle 74" (1880mm) Galvanised
 AXS4575  Axle 75" (1905mm)
 AXS4575G  Axle 75" (1905mm) Galvanised
 AXS4576  Axle 76" (1930mm)
 AXS4576G  Axle 76" (1930mm) Galvanised
 AXS4577  Axle 77" (1955mm)
 AXS4577G  Axle 77" (1955mm) Galvanised
 AXS4578  Axle 78" (1980mm)
 AXS4578G  Axle 78" (1980mm) Galvanised
 AXS4579  Axle 79" (2005mm)
 AXS4581  Axle 81" (2060mm)
 AXS4581G  Axle 81" (2060mm) Galvanised
 AXS4582  Axle 82" (2080mm)
 AXS4583  Axle 83" (2100mm)
 AXS4584  Axle 84" (2134mm)
 AXS4584G  Axle 84" (2134mm) Galvanised
 AXS4585  Axle 85" (2160mm)
 AXS4585G  Axle 85" (2160mm) Galvanised
 AXS4587  Axle 87" (2210mm)
 AXS4588G  Axle 88" (2230mm) Galvanised
 AXS4589  Axle 89" (2260mm)
 AXS4589G  Axle 89" (2260mm) Galvanised
 AXS4590  Axle 90" (2285mm)
 AXS4591  Axle 91" (2310mm)
 AXS4591G  Axle 91" (2310mm) Galvanised
 AXS4592G  Axle 92" (2336mm) Galvanised
 AXS4593  Axle 93" (2360mm)
 AXS4593G  Axle 93" (2360mm) Galvanised
 AXS4594  Axle 94" (2390mm)
 AXS4594G  Axle 94" (2390mm) Galvanised
 AXS4595  Axle 95" (2415mm)
 AXS4595G  Axle 95" (2415mm) Galvanised

Axles 45mm Square Parallel Bearing


Contact us for our range of 45mm square axles with parallel bearing for trailers requiring 1.8 tonne rating per axle.


Axles 50mm square with TX bearing (2.5t rating)

Contact us for our range of 50mm square axles with TX bearing for large trailers requiring 2.5 tonne rating per axle.

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